Lindell 354E

Diode Bridge Multiband Compressor

The Lindell 354E is a multiband model of the most famous vintage diode bridge compressor, the Neve 2254E, precisely replicating its distinctive behavior and rich sonic character in each of its three bands. But in practical use, the 354E really is two compressors in one: Turn on its Nuke mode to radically shape individual tracks, and turn it off for lighter, more nuanced compression when mastering or for surgical mixing. Both modes yield the same lush coloration and smooth presence that made the 2254E one of the most revered and highly sought after compressors in the world.

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Key features

  • Faithful hardware circuit emulation of this classic english limiter
  • Diode Bridge feedback compress circuit
  • Three bands
  • Smooth 6dB/oct phase coherent crossover filters
  • Attack (2us to 10 ms), Release (100ms to 1.5s, Auto), Ratio (1.5:1 to 6:1)
  • Threshold (-20 to 10dBu, 2dBu steps)
  • Gain MakeUp (Auto, 0 to 20 dBu in 1dBu steps)
  • 3 Meter Modes (In dBu, Out dBu, Gain Reduction dB)
  • Mid / Side compression modes
  • Sidechain high pass filter
  • Mix control for parallel compression
  • Nuke creative overcompress mode
  • Niveau sidechain filter for natural frequency balance
  • Compresson bands parameters link
  • Analog warmth and non linearities


Mac and Windows

  • VST : 32 bits, 64 bits
  • VST3 : 32 bits, 64 bits
  • AAX : 32 bits, 64 bits


  • AudioUnits : 32 bits, 64 bits


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